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The world seems real to us but there’s no real substance to it.

What we seek fro the world, which is true lasting happiness, doesn’t exist in the world-

it’s not in any object, person or place, nor is it in any particular situation or set of circumstances, so to say.

It’s within us.

The goal and birthright of all individuals is to realise that Divinity is not supernatural or inaccessible bit is in fact our

true selves, our essence.

This Divinity is latent in everyone.

Our responsibility as a human being is to develop ourselves morally, ethically, emotionally, mentally, physically

and spiritually during our short sojourn on planet earth.

We do this through renunciation, sacrifice, selflessness, service and above all devotion.

Step by step we are able to reascend from a limited mortal body consciousness to that of an immortal soul consciousness – one in

complete union with the infinite spirit.

All people will ultimately follow this path as they make their final approach to god.

That final union with the Divine, the science and methodology wo attain the Godhead is what call “Yoga”.

Peter Townsend.

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