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I love the beach!

I’ve always loved the beach. I grew up spending every holiday vacation at a seaside town on the mid north coast. I also went to the beach regularly where I grew up.

The beach to me is a place of healing and serenity. I can retreat to a place within myself that is nurtured and released. As I sit on the sand I feel the wind in my face and my hair blowing back. I deeply breathe in the salty air. I sink back onto my towel and feel the warmth and comfort of the soft sand beneath my body. I love to swirl the sand around my toes and feel it falling away.

The beach is my sacred healing ground. I go there to think as I walk along the water’s edge collecting shells along the way and allowing my thoughts to drift in and drift out again.

I feel alive at the beach, my senses become heightened as I breathe in and feel my whole body being cleansed and opened. I listen to the continual sound of the waves crashing onto the beach and over the rocks providing me with a sense of rhythm and being grounded.

I explore the rock pools and take a moment to rest in one of the shallow pools where the water is warm and still. I look closely into the clear water to see more shells and other living creatures as they are busily getting on with their day. I wonder what their world is like?

Then I am distracted for a moment by the squawk of seagulls coming into land. I watch as they observe their environment searching and exploring bits and pieces and some just standing perfectly still.

Now everything seems to be alright again.

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