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Sue Hawkins

Time out and intimacy with you

We hear so much in the media about ‘quality me time’, yet after 12 years of running yoga retreats, and more than 16 years as a yoga teacher, the truth of what I see is many of us are getting anything but. Even myself, recently I became a single mother to my gorgeous 9 year old daughter Jasmine, so I really feel that the juggle of work-home-family-and-me is quite a big one.

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Bowl to mat and paddock to plate – our talented Byron Bay chef, Todd Cameron

Olivia Newton-John might say that “Todd is an extremely talented Chef and his food reflects his passion for creating innovative and delicious food,” but we know that a yogi in the kitchen is worth his weight in gold.…

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Pose of the month: Paschimottanasana (Simple Forward Bend)

Paschimottanasana is a beautiful simple seated forward bend posture that helps to unwind a distracted mind and bring the focus inward to the self.…

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What we’re eating | Spinach Lentil and Lemon Soup

We are lucky in Byron Bay to have such rich fertile soils and so many passionate foodies – chefs, growers and artisan food producers. One of them is the incredibly talented wholefoods expert, Janella Purcell, and we have republished a…

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Core Energetics | Living with full vitality and free flow of life energy.

Yoga Health Retreats’ philosophy is to cultivate conscious living, which teaches by combining the experience and education of yoga, meditation and nutrition with a carefully selected range of modalities that nurture the whole person.…

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De-cluttering | Out with the old and in with the new.

De-cluttering is the first principle of creation. One of my teachers once told me that the most important part of maintaining the health of the body is to ensure appropriate elimination of toxicities. She told me that you wouldn’t build…

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Yoga Health Retreats | Asanas For Introspection

Yoga poses for reflection, calming and grounding are essential practice for Autumnal days. The hedonistic and gregarious days of summer have passed us by and it is time to collect ourselves, grounding our minds and strengthening our spirits as we…

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Self Discovery & Core Energetics with Ranil Sharma

Yoga Health Retreats’… Ranil Sharma is the resident Core Energetics practitioner, working with guests to unlock some of the deepest and most fundamental blockages in spirit, life force and, consequently, the body.
Ranil shares with us some of the finer

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Yoga Health Retreats | Asanas For Travellers

As travellers, we humans aren’t the best; our hamstrings tighten through disuse, our backs lock up from the constant sitting, our shoulders hunch from hauling luggage – our bodies are screaming out for asanas – a respite from the continual

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Chill Out | Cooling Yoga Asanas


These hot, sticky summer months have turned almost every yoga session into an unavoidable Bikram… class whether we want it or not! And, as if the heat wasn’t enough, given the last few week’s torrid torrents, we now have stifling

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