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If you knew this was your partner’s last day on earth how would you treat them?

Whenever I feel myself getting angry, arguing my point of view, being petty, feeling righteous and selfish in a relationship this is a question I ask myself. It is a powerful question that drives a powerful answer. The answer drives me out of my head, into my heart and out of my ego’s petty games.

This question allows me to keep things in perspective and I can drop behaviours that escalate conflict. Does this mean that I give in and stop standing up for my point of view? No – it just means I focus on remaining loving, open and respectful while sharing my points of view. I am dedicated to bringing as much love to the communication as possible – especially if strongly-held beliefs are involved. This means I must learn to observe and control my way of relating to the people I love – so I continue to bring love rather than following my ego’s games. If I can do this, I can change the entire dynamic of our communication.

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