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I am in chaos, and because I am a perfectionist (sometimes) and can have control freak tendencies (from time to time) I feel certain symptoms.

  • Overwhelm
  • A desire to withdraw from the tension the task list is creating in me
  • The ‘driver / pusher part of my personality’ is demanding I work very hard to keep on top of the workload – (If I am not careful this part of me  will tire me out through pushing me to overwork).
  • Anxiety that I may miss something important or make a mistake.

I am sure some of you can relate!

Parts of me are also stepping into help. My organiser and planner (that are great at prioritising) – which for the most part are very helpful to me. These are the antedotes to mismanagement of time and energy that can easily arise when stressed through chaos.
Most important points though are these.

  • Apart from poor management of time, planning and resources – chaos is a sign we are outside of our comfort zones (AND THIS IS A GOOD THING).
  • Being outside of your comfort zones means you are being challenged – leading to transformation and change (which does not happen in a comfort zone).
  • Creating in the ‘feelings’ of chaos is typical – when you are outside of your comfort zone (it feels like chaos and your mind will tell you it is chaotic) .
  • Creating results doesn’t always come in tidy linear packages.


Creating in chaos is often a good sign that you are willing to ‘risk’ a new result and enter a transformation situation.
If chaos is caused by poor planning and organisation – its probably not functional chaos – and therefore won’t be good for YOU.
Being able to differentiate between the 2 can mean the difference between success and failure.

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