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In working with thousands of people over the years, one of the most common blocks that we coach our clients through is the uncomfortable emotions that arise when they uncover limiting or non-serving beliefs that have been holding them back from living a truly inspired life.

Often we hear:

  • “I feel emotionally sick at the thought of making these changes in my life”.
  • “I feel really uncomfortable by even allowing myself to picture the life that I truly want to be living”.

These uncomfortable internal emotions that you can experience as you works towards your goals, can really work to serve you on your journey into the unknown as they can be used to uncover your non-serving beliefs. This internal tension really highlights these limiting beliefs, and if you are ready and willing to go inwards and inspect and question why you might be feeling this tension and these uncomfortable emotions, you can often get to the root or the cause of why you have been creating the same results for yourself in your life to date.

Now I’m not saying this will be an easy, or even enjoyable process (unless you are like me – I love uncovering non-serving beliefs about myself. As by uncovering these beliefs, this then frees me up to make far more conscious and empowering choices about where I want to take my life) – BUT THE RESULTS ARE WORTH IT!

The positives out of experiencing this internal tension are that it serves as an indication that you are pushing up against and challenging old and no longer serving beliefs about yourself and your current reality – WHICH is the first step in creating lasting change in your life.

So in a nutshell – as you hit up against and challenge your non-serving beliefs you will meet internal resistance and backlash. I want to re-iterate – THIS IS A GOOD THING.
My advice – acknowledge and then inspect what you are experiencing. By challenging these non-serving beliefs, you are opening yourself up to the possibilities of a new and exciting reality for yourself.

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