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“A life changing experience”

Sue Hawkins is the founder and Director of  Yoga Health Retreats and was one of the early “pioneers” who started operating Yoga Retreats in 2001. Since then Sue has been successfully offering retreats, teaching yoga and meditation and sharing a wealth of experience for 11 years in Bali and Byron Bay Australia. Sue has continued to develop her retreat program with a unique and inspiring combination of Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Philosophy and Pilates and more.  The unique retreat program has been designed to address each individual with lifestyle and health fully considered before the retreat begins adding an holistic approach by providing a range of  Ayurveda Treatments, Spa Treatments, Nutrition, Detox and cleansing, Massage therapy, Reiki healing, Cooking classes, Traditional Cultural activities, Guided Nature walks and more for a complete body, mind and soul experience.

The Retreats

The retreats are based upon a unique and carefully designed retreat program with all levels of experience fully considered. Sue has studied Iyengar, Astanga, Vinyasa, Yoga Therapy, Partner Yoga, Yoga Nidra. The style of yoga accommodates beginner to general levels of experience.  Morning Yoga classes are a Vinyasa flow where we move through each posture using breath awareness to open and cleanse the body. While we hold some of the postures it brings strength, flexibility and alignment. Props are integrated throughout the class to open up the body and give support when needed. Warm up poses are done in the beginning to set up a safe foundation for each student to explore the deeper asanas as we move through the practice. We give modifications of the postures so students can practice according to their experience. The yoga sessions are taught with the level of each individual group taken into consideration so each student can practice to their ability in a safe and inspirational environment. Yoga adjustments and personal attention is given in each class by our highly skilled and dedicated Yoga Health Retreat facilitators.

When you attend one of Sue’s “Yoga Health Retreats”, it’s an opportunity to totally replenish your body, mind and soul. More than ever we need a place to go to for time our to reflect and re-evaluate your life from a different perspective.  Not only do the retreats provide pampering, healing and detox treatments, but they encourage students to continue their yoga practice with a new vigor and inspiration while feeling relaxed, mentally refreshed and uplifted.


We are some enthusiastic people. We are so excited to see you here. Let us introduce ourselves.

The Yoga Health Retreat Teachers and facilitators are highly qualified offering a high standard of expertise and dedication. Personal attention and care is given to guests during all yoga classes particularly for those with previous injuries or special needs. Be expertly guided and instructed to practice correct alignment in a manageable way that suits all levels of practitioners. From total retreat beginners to more advanced students.
  • Sue Hawkins
    Sue HawkinsFounder & Director

    Sue Hawkins is the founder and director Yoga Health Retreats and is a Senior Qualified Yoga Instructor who has been practicing for over 26 years and teaching for 16 years. Sue is registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level E-RYT500. Sue has studied Iyennga Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra ,Yoga Therapy and Partner Yoga. She furthered her studies traveling to India  Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga  to deepen her knowledge of yoga asanas, pranayama, Ayurveda and yoga philosophy.

    Sue has instructed on teacher trainings, retreats internationally and continues to develop her knowledge and understanding of Yoga and Meditation. Sue is also a Pilates Mat teacher and integrates core strength, precision, control and flow of movement. Yoga and Pilates compliment each other enhancing alignment and core strength in a safe and nurturing environment.

    Sue gives clear and concise instruction but is also engaging and intuitive. Her ability to work with all levels of experience is obvious in the classes and this only comes with years of experience and dedication to the practice.

  • Natalie Nicholson
    Natalie NicholsonKinesiologist / Facilitator

    Natalie Nicholson is an Intuitive Kinesiologist who works on a very deep level to help you create profound change in your life. She uses a combination of medical intuition, Kinesiology and clairvoyance to access any imbalance in your mind, body and spirit to establish what is need to achieve good health, happiness and well being for you. By shifting your imbalance once and for all, Natalie’s work allows you to complete the past and align with your true self, creating deep inner peace and the ability to access the life you most desire.

    • Swami Pujan (Stephan Kalhert)
      Swami Pujan (Stephan Kalhert)Yoga Teacher

      Swami Pujan (Stephan Kalhert) has been a teacher of meditation and yogic philosophy for many many years.

      In the last 7 years he facilitated in Yoga Teacher Trainings and retreats in Byron Bay and Bali. He is a therapist and counselor and has students form all over the world. His style in explaining sometimes difficult subjects is light hearted and joyful and he has dedicated his life to help and support yogis to live a more happier and fulfilled life.

      • Ranil Sharma
        Ranil SharmaCore Energetics Facilitator

        Ranil Sharma is highly trained and studied in Australia and USA  for over 15 years and has been fortunate enough to learn from  the original founders of Core Energetics.  This is a method to work through key stages of your development with understanding at every level – emotional, physical and spiritual bringing a firm and grounded foundation to the inner self. Ranil has a unique and intuitive approach that only comes with a wealth of experience.

        • Natalie Purcell
          Natalie PurcellNaturopath

          Natalie Purcell, is one of Australia’s leading detox specialist. She has a Bachelor of Naturopathyspecialising in Detox, Nutrition, Phytotherapy, Homoeopathy, Reiki and Massage. She is an Internationally Certified Colonic Hydrotherapist with 18 years of personal experience in Colonic Hydrotherapy, Cleansing and Detoxification.

          • Todd Cameron
            Todd CameronChef

            Chef Todd Cameron has vast culinary experience spanning 18 years in various cuisine styles and these skills coupled with his philosophy of energetic awareness come together to provide high quality, contemporary health enhancing food styles. Todd has played a role in the development of Australian spa cuisine as head chef from inception of the award winning Gaia retreat and spa, one of Australia’s leading retreat and spas. Todd was also head of the kitchen of yoga plus, Europe’s leading yoga retreat centre in Crete Greece.

            He has worked as head chef for Multi award winning Hannaford’s special events and sister company flames in the forest. A highly food oriented special event company offering themed dinners in Port Douglas Nth Qld and Australia wide. He has worked at nautilus fine dining restaurant , Port Douglas Coupled with pastry cook training, and other culinary sojourns around the globe.

            • Christine Campeau
              Christine CampeauYoga Teacher

              Christine Campeau is French Canadian. She grew up in Montreal and has been living and teaching in Australia since 1993. Health and holistic therapies have been a constant theme throughout her career, being a certified fitness instructor,  and trained in LA to become the first “Spinning” instructor in Australia in 1994. She is a Massage and  Reiki (Level 1, 2) therapist and has worked in the Corporate world offering stress management.

              Her real passion is nurturing others. In 1997 after completing an intensive 2 year Iyengar study in Bondi and Sivandana teacher training in the Bahamas and has dedicated herself to Yoga teaching and massage. Christine is currently working at Gaia retreat and the Sanctuary and facilitates on retreats in Byron Bay. Christine has a clear and concise style but also lighthearted and joyful.